50+ Best Free Fonts & Typefaces (2022 Update)

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Dec 30, 2018 Update:

Narwhal Font

Narwhal Font

Dec 18, 2018 Update:

Soviet League Font

Soviet League Font

Nov 11, 2018 Update:

Game Over free font

Game Over free font

Sep 11, 2018 Update:

Graven – Free Font

Graven - Free Font-min

Sep 9, 2018 Update:

CRUMPLED – Free Font

CRUMPLED - Free Font-min

Sep 4, 2018 Update:


Great for headlines, branding visual identity, poster, logo, magazines and etc.


Jul 17, 2018 Update:

Facón Free Font

Facón Free Font-min

Jul 09, 2018 Update:

Manrope – Modern Geometric Sans-Serif font family

Manrope font is an open-source modern grotesque font family. Designed by Michael Sharanda in 2018. Supports most of Latin & Cyrillic languages.

Manrope – Modern Geometric Sans-Serif font family-min

Jun 06, 2018 Update:

Kotori Rose Font

The letter forms were inspired by the bold, simple, balanced nature of geometric fonts, and how these forms symbolically could emit determination and courage.
Kotori Rose Font-min

May 20, 2018 Update:

Molodost – free display font

Molodost - free display font

May 17, 2018 Update:

Lash – Free Font

Lash Rough Font

Mar 26, 2018 Update:

Initiation Ritual Font

Initiation Ritual is a bold sans-serif Greek font. Inspired by American Greek-letter organizations, Initiation Ritual encompasses strength and beauty through geometric symmetry. The interplay of positive and negative space accentuates its matter-of-fact forceful presence. Initiation Ritual is mindful of the space it occupies while portraying an unapologetically natural form.

Initiation Ritual Font

Mar 16, 2018 Update:

MADE Evolve Sans

MADE Evolve Sans

Mar 07, 2018 Update:



Simpel Font

Simpel is a contemporary, geometric, low-contrast sans-serif typeface. It has an extended Latin support, including Western, Eastern, and South-eastern European languages.

Simpel Font

Mar 04, 2018 Update:

Indyga (Free Font)

Indyga (Free Font)

Feb 16, 2018 Update:

Еasy Outline Font

Еasy Outline Font

Feb 07, 2018 Update:

Nature Font

Nature Font

Jan 24, 2018 Update:

FREE FONTS – Handwritten Font Collection

It’s 5 hand drawn fonts and 5 alternative styles made by Julia Dreams. These handwritten fonts blend together perfectly and perfectly fit for any of your project. The package includes free decorative elements that are specifically designed for these fonts.

FREE FONTS - Handwritten Font Collection

Jan 08, 2018 Update:

DreiFraktur FREE Modern Blackletter Typeface

DreiFraktur FREE Modern Blackletter Typeface

Jan 04, 2018 Update:

Bodrum – Font

Bodrum - Font

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